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Leslie Levy August, Senior Vice President/Co-Owner

Miss August is responsible for all aspects of marketing and communications including digital marketing and advertising, vertical marketing, social media marketing, new product development, marketing partnerships and alliances, revenue and market share growth, branding and corporate identity. She also directs the recruiting and hiring functions within the Human Resources area and manages the relationship between Kernow Capital Corporation and Wyvern International executives.

Miss August is committed to harnessing the increased productivity from the digital tools available to small business. By utilizing the marketing and management tools available on the Internet she has been able to develop a more profitable and diverse customer base for CIB. Her experience with the digital revolution in film and video post production in the early 1990s has helped her recognize and take advantage of the benefits of technology for small business.

In order to recruit and develop top talent, particularly in the area of customer service and sales, Miss August committed herself to improving CIB’s hiring standards. The result has been the retention of higher quality staff and improved customer service.

Miss August began her marketing career assisting the president of a major national insurance broker in the development and implementation of customer servicing programs and captive insurance company proposals. Following her work as a corporate staff member she went on to manage what became the largest and most profitable regional office of the organization. During this time she participated in a management buy-out and also served on the Board of Directors representing major shareholders. She has a background in U.S. Customs bonds and is a licensed property and casualty insurance broker in the state of California.