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Description Cost (US$) Explanation
Application $ 950.00* The Application Fee is a non-refundable cost required to process the CPD application.
*$350 surcharge applies for Egypt and Sudan
Security Based on vehicle value, duration & destinations  - call or Contact Us for quote A cash guarantee (US$5,000 minimum) OR loss prevention security fee  (US$3,600 minimum) is collected to secure the CPD. Portions refundable.
Delivery Varies depending on destination. For delivery of the issued carnet including tracking and a return receipt.
Rush Fees 4-5 day - $ 250
2-3 day - $ 500
Same Day - $1,000
All rush fees and associated application fees are payable prior to application processing. Rush and application fees are not refundable.
Renewals Cost (US$) Explanation
Renewal Application Fee $ 950* For processing and printing a renewal application a CPD issued by boomerang carnets®.
*$350 surcharge for Egypt and Sudan
Renewal Fee 2% of vehicle value  For printing a renewal CPD with no changes. Does not include any additional security that may be required.
Payment Cost (US$) Explanation
Convenience Fee 3.5% Applied to payments by credit card.
Wire Transfers Domestic (US) $25.00
International $45.00
ACH No Charge Automated Clearing House payments.
Bank Check or
Money Order
No charge.  
Miscellaneous Cost (US$) Explanation
Reprinting Fee $ 250  
Carnet Not Returned $ 400 A service fee to cover the additional work required when a carnet is not returned.
Miscellaneous Variable The total price of a carnet may include additional charges**.
Automobile Club Membership Not Applicable Membership in an automobile club is NOT required to receive these prices. 

Payment Options: Bank Check, Money Order, Wire Transfer, ACH, Credit Card. Some fees may apply.

**Additional costs that may apply: overnight document shipping, cash guarantee service fee, country add fee, incoming domestic and international wire fees.


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