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Frequently Asked Questions

Carnets issued by boomerang carnets® facilitate temporary export of personal vehicles for tourism to foreign countries and re-importation into the U.S. and Canada. By presenting Carnet document to foreign customs, your goods travel duty free and import tax free into a carnet country for up to one year. A carnet can be replaced for an additional 4 years without re-exporting the vehicle. A carnet de passages en douanes also serves as vehicle identification when entering a foreign country.

See the countries list for all the countries that either require or recommend CPDs. Carnets de passages en douane can only be issued to one or more of the countries listed on the back of the carnet form. Those are all the countries that have an authorized issuing association.

Countries appearing on the back of the carnet:


Equatorial Guinea
South Africa


Costa Rica
Trinidad and Tobago

Asia & the Middle East

Bangladesh - may not be accepting CPDs at this time
Iran - cannot be included on a U.S.-issued CPD. Call for details.
Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates


Türkiye* (formerly Turkey)


New Zealand

*In these countries, the carnet is required only for certain categories of vehicles.

As a CPD Holder you are legally bound to:

  1. Certify that the information provided on the application is correct and that your principal residence is not located in any of countries to be visited.
  2. Comply with the customs laws and regulations of the country/ies visited regarding temporary importation of motor vehicles especially requirements applying to the use of the carnet.
  3. Notify the issuing organization (boomerang carnets®) ASAP if there is any circumstance preventing or delaying re-exportation of the imported vehicle (damage, confiscation, theft etc.)
  4. Not allow anyone residing in a visited country (personal or business) to use the vehicle.
  5. Not to use the vehicle within a visited country for transport of local goods for remuneration or its equivalent unless authorized by customs.
  6. Re-export the vehicle and any items listed on the carnet within the time limit prescribed.
  7. Ensure that the carnet is properly discharged when leaving a country. Counterfoils (forms) must bear the date, signature and stamp of customs.
  8. Have the carnet discharged by customs before selling, modifying, writing off or destroying (under customs supervision) the vehicle.
  9. Obtain and follow instructions of the guarantor organization (boomerang carnets®) if the vehicle will be at the disposal of a third party in a listed country.
  10. Return the used carnet to boomerang carnets® after having it properly cleared, as soon as possible after use, or at the latest, at the expiry of the documents validity.
  11. Also return the carnet after it is properly cleared to boomerang carnets® if the status of the vehicle or holder no longer conforms with the requirements of customs. For instance, due to a change in a holder's residence, permanent importation or abandonment of the vehicle.
  12. Provide a certificate of location in the event the carnet is lost, stolen or destroyed.
  13. Request an extension of the validity of the carnet in the event the vehicle cannot be re-exported timely.
  14. Assume personal and financial responsibility for importation fees and all taxes and or penalties.
  15. Assume personal and financial responsibility for damages resulting from submitting false data or misuse of the carnet.
  16. Agree that customs authorities may assign a different value than the one supplied on the carnet.
  17. Authorize boomerang carnets® at the expense of the holder to take all necessary legal steps to avoid payment of duties/charges and use any deposit held for this purpose.
  18. Authorize boomerang carnets® to obtain personal contact information from any public or private source to deal with any inquiry arising from the use of the carnet.


Details of these obligations are available on the declarations page of the application.

A carnet de passages en douane has a cover page with printed conditions of issuance, the identification of the holder (responsible party) and a description of the vehicle. Inside the carnet are 5, 10 or 25 souches (sheets) which are stamped and signed in and out of each CPD country that is visited. Behind the souches is a certificate of location to be used in the event the carnet is not regularly discharged. The back page is the countries list. Those countries that are NOT applied for wil be lined out on this page. See a Sample Carnet Document here.

A carnet is valid for up to 1 year from its date of issue. It may be replaced by application up to 4 times, for a total of 5 years validity.

Yes. Every carnet de passages en douanes must be secured by one of two possible security options: a Cash Guarantee (US$5,000 minimum) or a Loss Prevention Security Fee (US$3,600 minimum). Those options are described in detail on the CPD Security Options page. The security is posted in addition to paying the non-refundable application processing fee.

Once we receive the signed application and supporting documents it takes 7-10 business days to issue and ship the carnet to you. It is recommended that you start the inquiry process at least 30 days prior to departure.

Carnets de Passages en Douane can be obtained from the country of residence of the applicant. Complete instructions for U.S. and Canadian residents are on the Obtain a Carnet page. To get started, complete this online form for a cost estimate.

If there is no authorized issuing association in your country of residence, contact the FIA or email us and we will direct you to the appropriate carnet authorities. Some carnet authorities are allowed to issue carnets for applicants outside their country.

Carnets must be returned to:

boomerang carnets®
217 Park Avenue
Barrington, IL 60010 USA

Make a copy of all pages of the carnet including unused and blank pages. Send the carnet using a method that tracks the package and provides a return receipt. There is a US$400 fee for any carnet that is not returned.

Replacement carnets can be issued for up to 4 years after the initial carnet. A replacement application and application fee are required. Additional security may be required depending upon the countries listed on the replacement carnet application.

If for any reason, the vehicle cannot be re-exported, you must contact boomerang carnets® as soon as possible for further instructions. This is in the event of permanent importation, damage or theft for example.

That depends on customs authorities. Contact boomerang carnets® for further instructions if you decide to or need to sell the vehicle during the validity of the carnet.

To get more information about Carnets please call the Carnet HelpLine®  at +1 800.282.2900 or email us.