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Terms and Conditions - Declarations Page of Application


1.    I am not principally resident in any of the countries I propose to visit and confirm that the particulars given by me on the CPD application form are correct.

2.    I will comply with the Customs laws and regulations of the country visited governing temporary importation of motor vehicles, particularly all instructions applying to the use of the CPD (entry visa, exit visa, etc.).

3.    I will not place the vehicle at the disposal of a person or firm having a residence or business in the country of temporary importation, nor use the vehicle between points within that country for transport of local goods or passengers against remuneration or other considerations unless specifically authorized by the Customs authorities.  (Exceptionally if it is necessary to put the vehicle at the disposal of a third party non-resident in the country of temporary importation, I will contact the guarantor organization or the issuing association for instructions.)

4.    I will re-export the vehicle and any items listed on the CPD from the visited country or countries within the time limit prescribed by the national Customs legislation and will ensure, when leaving the visited country, that the CPD which remains the property of the issuing associations has been discharged by the Customs authorities.

5.    I will notify the issuing association or the guarantor association in the country visited as soon as possible of any circumstances (damage, confiscation, etc.) preventing or delaying exportation of the imported vehicle and /or other items listed on the CPD.

6.    I will ensure that the CPD is discharged by the Customs Administration before selling the vehicle, or modifying its characteristics, or if it has been written off for any reason, or destroyed under Customs control.  The holder must return the CPD, after having it properly discharged to the issuing association should the bearer’s status no longer conform with the requirements of the Customs Administration in the country visited regarding the temporary importation of motor vehicles (for example, transfer abroad of the holder’s principal residence, destruction or abandonment of the vehicle under the Customs control, etc.).

7.    I will return the CPD to the issuing association after having it properly discharged as soon as possible after use or at the latest at the expiry of the CPD’s validity.

8.    I will provide a completed Certificate of Location – see the last page of the CPD – before the CPD is returned to the issuing association if it has not been properly discharged by the Customs of the last country in which it was used for temporary importation.

9.    In the event of the CPD being lost, I will provide the issuing association with a completed Certificate of Location made out by the authorities of the country of registration or final Importation dated beyond the expiry date of the CPD.

10.   I will provide if required by the issuing association after expiry of the CPD (in order to protect the issuing association and myself) a completed Certificate of Location in the country of registration or final importation in order to avoid any dispute regarding the authenticity of a Customs exit visa.

11.    I will reimburse the issuing association upon presentation of an account for any expenses (including the payment of Customs taxes) under the issuing association guarantee, including costs arising from any incorrect information supplied by me.

12.    I authorize the issuing association to obtain from any public or private authority details of my address and any other information necessary to deal effectively with any enquiry arising from my use of a CPD or other Customs document issued under the issuing association guarantee.

13.    I authorize the issuing association to take at my expense all reasonable legal steps to avoid payment of Customs duties and/or charges and to use any guarantee deposit held for this purpose.

14.    I understand that the issuing association cannot be held responsible for the effects of any changes in temporary importation regulations which have either not been officially communicated to the AIT & FIA or are amended after the issue of the CPD.

15.    Signature of Applicant:___________________________________________________

16.    Date:_________________________________________________________________