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Sri Lanka Advisory

The Geneva Customs Secretariat has received the following information from the Automobile Association of Ceylon with the present rules and regulations established by their Customs authorities for the temporary importation of private road vehicles:

  1. The CPD is still required for the temporary importation of private road vehicles to Sri Lanka but for foreigners only.

  2. The CPD is refused only for Sri Lankans living abroad. Normally, in the past, a person bringing a vehicle without a CPD could get the vehicle released from the Sri Lanka Customs on the payment of a large refundable deposit. As we are not sure if this has also now changed, the AAC will let us know in due course, after obtaining confirmation from the Sri Lanka Customs.

  3. In Sri Lanka CPD may be used for private motor vehicles but not for commercial vehicles.

  4. No Sri Lankan living abroad will be permitted to temporarily import a motor car/dual purpose vehicle to Sri Lanka effective from 1st February 2012. A CPD may be issued to a person of Sri Lankan origin, who is born in a foreign country, as such person is categorized as an Englishman, German, etc.

  5. Since 1st February 2012, the authorized duration of temporary importation to Sri Lanka is for a maximum period of 3 months only. No extension will be granted by the Sri Lanka Customs. The private road vehicle should be re-exported before the expiration date of the Carnet.

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