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South Africa Advisory

The AASA has provided the following general information on temporary importation in South Africa:

  1. Only one vehicle per person may be temporarily imported into South Africa on a CPD. Customs will decline entry of a 2nd or 3rd vehicle where the CPD holder already has a vehicle in the country under cover of a CPD.
  2. CPDs may not be issued to applicants who intend to leave RSA for periods in excess of 30 days at a time while the vehicle remains in RSA under a CPD.
  3. Realistic values must be stated on CPDs as Customs do reserve the right to decline entry of vehicles where values appear too low.
  4. CPDs may only be issued for South Africa to foreign visitors, intending settlers who at the time of arrival in the RSA have not yet been granted permanent residence and persons who arrive in the RSA to take up employment for a period not exceeding 12 months. 
  5. Temporary importation is in principle limited to one year.
  6. Subject to approval from South African Customs, vehicles may under special  circumstances be allowed to remain in RSA for a further year under a replacement CPD.
  7. Applications for permission to substitute CPDs must be made at least one month before expiry of the CPD in question.
  8. CPD holders on work permits will only be granted permission to substitute their CPDs if they can provide documentary proof that they have applied for permanent residency in RSA.
  9. CPD substitutions will not be permitted for CPD holders who prolong employment in RSA.
  10. Under no circumstances will consideration be given to allowing the CPD holder more than one substitution, i.e., foreign vehicles may never remain in RSA for more than a total of two years on a CPD.
  11. Before replacement CPDs are issued by clubs, permission to substitute must be made to SA Customs through the AASA.

  12. The value declared on the replacement CPD must be the same as that on the original CPD.

  13. The validity date of replacement CPDs must follow the expiry date of the original document — no lapse of time is permitted between the two CPDs.

  14. Substitutions of CPDs may not be affected in Namibia. All applications to substitute CPDs in respect of vehicles remaining in Namibia must be referred to AASA. When permission is granted and the new CPD has been issued, the old and new CPDs must be sent to AASA to effect transfer of validity.

  15. Claims procedures must be followed as set down in the insurance contracts and Guarantee Agreement.

  16. All claims not settled or withdrawn within one year of notification must be paid immediately. The AASA will charge 2% compound interest on payment of Customs claims.

  17. All of the above applies to the Southern Africa Common Customs Area, which includes South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland. Border posts between these countries are not valid exit points for the discharge of CPDs.

  18. The only official entry/exit ports for Customs clearances are at: Komatipoort (Lebombo), Beit Bridge, Ramkogwebana, Kazungula, Wenela (Katima Mulilo), Oshikango and the coastal ports of Walvisbay, Swakopmund, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, Durban, Richards Bay or International Airports, i.e., Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

CPD for South Africa Common Customs Area

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