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Indonesia Advisory

The FIA Secretariat received the following message from the Indonesian Club - Ikatan Motor Indonesia (IMI) in April 2011:

In Indonesia, to enter with a CPD, you must attach to your document a recommendation letter from IMI and the Police. CPD handling can be done in each IMI regional board in accordance with the applicant’s domicile or it could be at the IMI Center in Jakarta.  CPD applicants are obligated to report to the Indonesian Customs Authorities through IMI the destination in the country and from which port the travelers are going to leave the country.  From the end of August 2016 onwards, Indonesian Customs Office will not accept vehicle with CPD Carnet without the report mentioned above.  The IMI can help process the letters of report to be submitted to the Indonesian Customs Authorities.  The following documents should be sent to the IMI head office: 

  1. copy of CPD

  2. Copy of International Driving Permit

  3. Copy of Passport

  4. Registration document of your vehicle

  5. Photo of your vehicle

  6. Itinerary or route (port in and port out)

The FIA Secretariat is still waiting for more information from the IMI.

To get more information about CPD Carnets please call the 
HelpLine® at +1 800.282.2900 or email us.