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India Advisory

Vehicles may be temporarily imported into India for a period of six months under cover of a CPD. This period may be extended for another six months upon request to the Customs. The Indian Customs authorities have agreed to ensure that vehicle entries and exits are efficiently recorded so as to avoid unjustified Customs claims. The Indian Customs authorities will charge 20% interest per annum on Customs claims not paid by the deadlines set down in the Conventions.

According to Indian legislation, only those persons who reside in India — and are in possession of proof of their residence - are eligible to purchase and reqister vehicles in their name. Foreigners are, however, permitted to purchase vehicles in India for direct exportation abroad through regular "Import Trade Control Policy", but these vehicles may not be registered in India. Any individuals who may have succeeded in the past in purchasing and registering motorcycles or other vehicles in India have done so illegally and may be held liable under Indian law.

Under no circumstances may a CPD be issued outside of India for a vehicle purchased in India or bearing Indian registration plates.

Third Party insurance is compulsory in India. If drivers need assistance, they may contact the FIAA.

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