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Egypt Advisory

In order to speed the closure of Egyptian claims, the ATCE asks clubs to send copies of bank transfer notifications. Clubs that pay claims in cash directly to the ATCE will be given receipts immediately on the spot. Clubs transferring claims payments through their banks will be issued receipts as soon as they send to the ATCE a copy of the bank transfer confirmation. The clubs are reminded that duty payments for Egyptian claims must be paid in Egyptian pounds (LE). If bank transfers are made in other currencies, please make sure that that the full amount in LE is received by the ATCE. Transfer fees and other costs must be assumed by the issuing club.

Tourists and motorists who arrive in Egypt without a CPD are advised to contact an ATCE representative (the ATCE has offices on the borders) and another association.

If problems are encountered in Egypt or an escort is desired for trips to desert destinations, travellers should contact the ATCE headquarters.



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