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Curt Wilson's Wishes Built on 35 Years of Carnet Business

Friday, December 23, 2022

Happy New Year to Our Customers and Colleagues

2022 marked the 35th Anniversary of boomerang carnets® being in business.  We started the year by celebrating with an animated short film to thank our customers for their returned business over the years.  The film recalls Boomerang’s beginning back to 1987 when we worked out of an old farmhouse garage.  The company had one goal in mind then, “To make ATA Carnets easy and affordable.”  We still do.  At first, we issued ATA Carnets by regular mail, then by “fax” machine, and then online.  Boomerang is enormously proud to have been the first to offer ATA Carnets online easily and affordably.  Watch it here.


“The longer you can look back, the farther you can look forward,” Winston Churchill once said.  We thought it fitting, in this spirit, to put together a compilation of photographs from the company family album dating back four generations, as part of the 35th Anniversary Celebration.  It was great to see the faces tracing the family history in trade and transportation going back 100 years.  You can see it here: Four Generations Family Business in International Trade | CPD Carnet

Over this past year, we were happy to hear from colleagues who wrote to us about our partnerships.  Here, Brad Watson of Airways Freight, a longstanding trusted partner, shined appreciative light on how it came about.  Our association began in the early 1990s and he attributed the growth of his company directly to Boomerang.  Brad wrote: “Looking back, it was one of the keys to our ability to grow and succeed in the international exhibition and events business and has helped open doors into other niche markets that we would have not been able to touch without them.”  Brad, we thank you and are so grateful for our 30-year association.  Read our story here.

Restrictions and lockdowns eased and lifted in 2022.  As a result, there was an increase in business travel and a return to in-person attendance at Trade Shows and Conferences.  Boomerang attended several and re-connecting in person with trusted colleagues and making new friends refreshed everyone’s spirits.  International orchestral tours also made a comeback in 2022, and Boomerang issued carnets for six orchestras travelling internationally to give concerts.  The world needs music.

Boomerang’s presence in both the U.S. and U.K. has never been handier for our customers.  Boomerang always appreciates the return business by companies who take advantage of The Boomerang Benefit, and our unique ability to provide ATA Carnets in two countries.  Our experience issuing ATA Carnets for some 35 years into any of the now 87+ carnet countries gives us the know-how, expertise, and experience that yielded, especially in this past year, a great advantage to our customers.  Our U.K. partners at The Liverpool Chamber of Commerce (LCC) reported a significant increase in ATA Carnets in 2022.  The LCC had already been issuing 30 – 40 ATA Carnets annually to a small group of exporters but in 2022, to date, have issued 4,427 due to the advanced technology and expertise of boomerang carnets.  All are expanding into new markets and growing their businesses while saving money and time.

A message from Curt Wilson, President and CEO of boomerang carnets and Managing Director of boomerang carnets® UK: 

“Where we started is simple and we built our customer service reputation over 35 years in operation.  Customer Service is our priority.  Our product and service provide U.S. and U.K. exporters opportunities to save money and in these tough economic times that matters more than ever.  Boomerang Carnets is so proud to be in the U.K. for the past nine years come 2023.  We are the only carnet company to be in two countries providing ATA Carnets and we’re also the only provider of Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPDs) in the U.S. and Canada.  That’s Boomerang!  Today is the future and we always strive for it to be better than yesterday.  We wish all our customers and colleagues a happy and prosperous new year!  May 2023 be our best year yet.”

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