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CPD Carnet Specialists

Decades of Experience and Knowledge

Boomerang carnets® has the experience and skill to simplify the sometimes complex Carnet, overseas and U.S. Customs regulations. International trade documentation can be a minefield and frequently subject to interpretation. Boomerang carnets® put extensive staff experience into understanding and interpreting the International Convention authorizing CPDs, and a vast information database, developed over 2 decades, to work for you.

Earning the Carnet Specialist Designation

The designation as an Carnet Specialist is earned only after fulfilling several rigorous requirements. All Carnet Specialists at boomerang carnets® must be licensed property and casualty insurance brokers in the state of Illinois, must have trained for at least 2 years in a Carnet issuing department and have a thorough understanding of the requirements for issuing and use of the document and must have extensive customer service experience in carnets, insurance or a related field.


Boomerang carnets® provides a Carnet Specialist a professional environment in order to deliver the best possible customer service.

  • Boomerang carnets® is an appointed national issuing association for Carnet de Passages en Douane for the AIT/FIA.
  • Boomerang carnets® is an ATA Carnet Service Provider for the United States Council for International Business, the U. S. Affiliate of the Paris-based, International Chamber of Commerce.
  • Boomerang carnets® is a licensed insurance broker/agent and represents international insurance markets including Lloyd's of London, the Institute of London Underwriters and Travelers.
  • Boomerang carnets® has quality controls to assure that your documents are accurate. We combine automation with a thorough human review process for accuracy.

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