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Boomerang Freight Solutions

Carnet and Freight Facilitation


What is Boomerang Freight Solutions (BFS)?
Introducing a NEW freight service for carnet Holders who need logistics, customs entry, duty management, and import services.  We apply expertise and focus to every customer because each problem is unique.


Overview:  Boomerang Freight Solutions is a new service born during the COVID-19 pandemic, when international trade faced unprecedented challenges.  We assisted exporters on complexities not normally asked of us.  Able to solve these new problems we realized supply chain management is an area where our customers need us.  International trade during the pandemic tested everyone's abilities so we gathered our strategic partners into a network offering the best solutions for boomerang freight.  You will always receive the best customer service, best prices and convenient solutions. 

Boomerang’s vast experience with U.S. and foreign Customs services, temporary exports and International Trade extends to 87+ countries and territories utilizing our ATA Carnet expertise.  We assist companies to navigate through the complexities of international trade.  For generations, we have identified cost-savings opportunities, helped to manage compliance risks that are associated with the global supply chain, and streamlined the ATA Carnet and surety bond process. Our Strategic Partner Network of reliable trade experts was cultivated over 35 years, offering solutions to problems arising with Customs.

While working with clients, Boomerang has acquired a reputation as an innovator in streamlining international trade processes.  It was our early recognition of the ATA Carnet as a tool to build export programs, alleviate international travel complexities and deliver value for their businesses that brought our clients success.  Our processes include:

  • Identifying cost savings tools and processes that allow clients to conduct cross border transactions and travel more efficiently,
  • Reduce risk from international regulations associated with cross-border trade,
  • Create compliant and effective international trade business processes.

What to Expect: Industry veterans, Curt Wilson or Bonita Jantzen, assess each situation. They assist with best methods and solve problems saving you money.  A strategic partner(s) may be part of the solution. A cost quote will be provided for this Boomerang Benefit* as well as any other service requested.  BFS exists to assist customers with international expansion and growth using the most cost effective means available. 

Service & Benefits:

  • international trade & transportation expertise,
  • domestic & foreign customs knowledge,
  • streamlining & solutions based processes,
  • temporary export cost savings,
  • deep knowledge of international compliance landscape, 
  • fast & reliable one-stop shop offering incoming & outgoing freight/cargo assistance,
  • 24/7 availability,
  • Boomerang Carnet Distribution Centers throughout the U.S. & U.K.,
  • providing Carnets de Passage en Douane in the U.S. & Canada.

Curt E.H. Wilson - President and CEO of boomerang carnets® oversees all day-to-day operations with 36 years of experience specializing in ATA Carnets in the U.S. and U.K., customs duty guarantees, carnet bond underwriting, logistics, carnet claims management, client relationship management, cargo insurance, and new product development such as the Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD) in the U.S. and Canada.  He regularly attends meetings of the United States Council for International Business customs committee, the International Chamber of Commerce, and represents boomerang carnets at trade shows and conferences. Read more.

Bonita "Bonnie" Jantzen - Senior Logistics Manager, Boomerang Freight Solutions and Principal at Cardinal Group with more than 30 years’ experience in export and logistics.  Bonnie possesses extensive management skills specializing in international compliance issues, import and export transactions via air and ocean freight, and vast knowledge in a logistics environment that encompasses an ongoing analysis of domestic and international transportation optimizing supply chain core competencies.  Her experience in logistics with its ever-changing regulations is a great asset to customers who need a dependable partner to handle their logistics and compliance needs.  She expertly untangles the challenges presented by the complexity of the supply chain in the international arena and provides clients with essential guidance to expand their global footprint.

If you want a quote on your freight for an upcoming shipment, you’ve come to the right place.

Call or email Curt or Bonnie today. 800.282.2900


*What is the Boomerang Benefit? Services available only through Boomerang Carnets, including: