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Bangladesh Advisory

We regret to inform the clubs of the CPD network that Carnets de Passages en Douane are no longer being accepted for the temporary importation of vehicles in Bangladesh. Despite efforts made by the Automobile Association of Bangladesh to resolve the problem, the Bangladesh Customs officials persist in refusing to honour the AIT-FIA CPD.

Travellers are told today that they may not enter the country under cover of the CPD. Instead they are compelled to deposit a bank guarantee of 100% of the value of their vehicle in addition to heavy taxes.

The clubs of the AIT-FIA Customs Documents network are therefore advised to warn members and clients that travel to Bangladesh under cover of CPDs should be avoided. Travellers who wish to take their vehicles into the country may do so at their own risk and should be made aware that bank guarantees and taxes are being imposed despite the presentation of valid CPDs.

This regrettable procedure is harmful to tourism and a barrier to the free movement across borders. The FIA hopes that the Customs Administration of Bangladesh will reconsider their decision and will soon reaffirm their confidence in, and acceptance of, the CPD system.


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