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Australia Advisory

Information on the importation of motor vehicles at the Australian Automobile Association.

Temporary Importation of Commercial Vehicles into Australia

Commercial vehicles are not imported under CPDs, carnet de passages en douane. For more information on temporarily importing commercial vehicles into Australia see boomerang carnets®' ATA Carnet website.

Temporary Importation of Personal Vehicles into Australia

The new regulations of the Australian Customs Service entered into force on 19 July 2005. Every person or company entering Australia under cover of a CPD are required to undergo an "evidence of identity" (EOI) verification process to prove they actually are who they say they are. Individuals need to present several documents to establish their identity. These should include a valid passport along with a driver's license, a credit card or other license, permit or identification document with a photograph and signature of the holder.

Companies and event organizers may register under a courier arrangement to enable a courier, an employee or a broker/freight forwarder to present CPDs at customs counters. To use couriers, CPD holders must obtain prior approval from the Australian Customs. For more details, you may contact Australian Customs.

Conversion of a Vehicle Imported Under CPD to a Permanent Import

The Australian Government has issued a reminder that vehicles having already entered Australia under cover of a Carnet de Passages en Douane may not apply for a Vehicle Import Approval (permanent importation authorization). This approval must be requested in advance.

Duration of Personal Vehicles Allowed Temporarily into Australia

The CPD carnet is valid for twelve months from the date of issue and must be obtained before the vehicle is imported into Australia.

  • Australian Customs will not allow vehicles to remain in the country for more than 12 months in total from time of arrival into Australia. Article 22 (2) of the Private Road Vehicles Convention states extensions of the time necessary for the re-exportation of vehicles or component parts imported temporarily shall be granted when the persons concerned can establish to the satisfaction of the Customs authorities that they are prevented by force majeure from the re-exportation of the said vehicles or component parts within the time allowed. The definition of force majeure is "unexpected and disruptive event operating to excuse a party from a contract".

In this regard, requests for the extension of validity of the carnet will only be considered where the reason for delay in exporting the goods is caused by accident or force majeure.


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